Last December, I got a delightful catering inquiry from Lacy, who was recently engaged and anxious to get details in place for her late summer wedding. A friend referred her to Morsels and I soon received this irresistible note, “I’ve looked through your pictures online and loved your style of presentation. I have a feeling we’d have a similar vision!” Indeed, it was a thrill to learn that Kyle and Lacy desired for their celebration to be as Sustainable as possible. They decided that there would be no disposables: a fair undertaking, when serving 200 guests. Upon meeting at their first consultation, I loved hearing about their plan to incorporate heirloom linens and dishes into their eclectic, elegant theme. Kyle, Lacy, and her dear mother, LeAnn were all quite appreciative of the rustic breads and homemade desserts that I created for them to sample and we quickly settled on an Italian Picnic Menu, featuring local fair. As spring approached, I began my search for local producers of cured meats, fine cheeses, and myriad fruits and vegetables. By August 13th, a beautiful feast of the following foods was artfully arranged in honor of a beautiful union:

Greek Salad featured Heirloom Tomatoes grown by Blosser Family Farm of Buffalo, MO & Cucumbers grown at Century Honey Ranch Fair Grove, MO

Asiago Bread & 7 Grain Baguette made of Organic Red Wheat grown by the Easterly Family of Dunnegan, MO

Rustic Rosemary Bread made with Organic Rosemary grown by Morsels Catering of Halfway, MO

All Beef Italian Salami made by Rocking Z Ranch of Mountain Grove, MO

Genova Salame & Mortadella cured meats made by John VOLPI of St. Louis, MO

Cheese Curds made by Lorenae Dairy of Galena, MO

Pecorino Romano, Sheep’s milk Cheese: Strong & Savory, Imported from Italy

Pecorino Dolce, Sheep’s milk Cheese: Mild & Sweet, Imported from Italy

Smoked Gouda made by Dutchmark of Richfield, WI

Basil Mozzarella & Sharp Cheddar cheese made in Wisconsin

Sweet Red Peppers grown by Nature Lanes Farm of Fair Grove, MO

Reliance Grapes grown in Dove Mountain Vineyard of Mountain Grove, MO

Watermelon grown in Mountain Home, Arkansas

Bing Cherries, Transitional: grown in a Washington orchard which recently received its Organic Certification, but the produce is not officially organic until next season.

Fresh Pesto made of Basil grown by Chloe, age 6 from Pleasant Hope, MO

Hummus made of roasted sesame Tahini, chick peas, freshly squeezed lemon, minced garlic & cumin

Honey Butter made of Raw Honey from Clever Country Honey of Clever, MO

Peach Ginger Chutney made of Peaches from Pate’s Orchard in Stockton, MO

 Organic Whole Bean Decaf Colombian roasted by Copper Canyon Roasters of Springfield, MO

Homemade Apple Pie & Kyle’s Apple Blackberry Pie made with organic blackberries

Homemade Chocolate Cake with Cream Cheese Mocha Frosting made with local, free-range eggs

Homemade White Chocolate Biscotti made with local, free-range eggs

Homemade Lemonade Cupcakes made with local, free-range eggs